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My Lawyer was Tim.  Not only have I recommended him to others, he guided me with kind hands, gave me plenty of Kleenex, which I needed, answered every question stupid or smart, and took the time to calm me down, and make my life so much better. 


Of course, I had no idea about bankruptcy, nor ever thought in a million years I WOULD GO THRU IT, so it was GREAT to know somebody with such knowledge and he really guided me thru everything.  Even though I asked question after question with tears.  Not only was Tim WONDERFUL, but the front office, Jaclyn was just as fantastic and went beyond what a front office would do. 


Tim and his staff not only saved me, my business and my house, and did so kindly.  I honestly from the bottom of my heart would recommend them to anybody that found them self in a pickle.  Again, if anybody needs the help, is clueless about bankruptcy as I was, please go see Tim and his staff.  Bankruptcy is scary, you think your life is over, I thought I would be homeless and lose my house.  Yet, it ended being the only choice I could do to save what I had, and only TIM could have done it.


C.C., Palm Desert, California  

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