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During this horrible time in our lives, we had IRS debt as well as credit card debt (over $100,000).  Collection agencies were calling almost daily. Tim was able to resolve the problems we faced.  It was imperative that we keep our home, which we were able to do.  Tim was able to get the collection agencies off our back, which helped alleviate the stress in our lives. The massive amount of paperwork that needed to be completed was done in a timely manner and correct. It was an incredible feeling to put this in capable hands. 


P.S. & R.S., Palm Desert, California

* * *


I came to the Tim Huyck’s when I did not know what to do anymore - living paycheck to paycheck & being a single mom is an awful feeling. In my situation, I felt I was drowning in my debt. My big concern was how would I pay for an attorney to help me. We decided a chapter 13 would be best. I have approximately 22,000.00 in debt. Tim will do whatever he can to help and make your life better and less stressful.

SDC, Palm Desert, California

* * *


Your office was invaluable in helping us through our bankruptcy after the recent economic downturn in the Coachella Valley. Both our business and personal finances were becoming overwhelming both financially and emotionally. We were dealing with past due bills with vendors, financial institutions, lenders, and landlords.

You and your staff worked with us through the process of liquidating our corporation and filing personal bankruptcy. Each step along the way you and your staff answered our questions clearly and provided legal guidance. Thank you for being our “guiding light” though a very difficult life experience.

R.M., Palm Desert, California

* * *


After experiencing several years of compounding IRS tax debt, combined with very high revolving credit card balances, we turned to Tim Huyck.  We found him to be a very patient, understanding and competent lawyer.  Tim didn't rush through issues and he slowly gathered all the data/information he needed to make an educated decision on which way would be best for us to proceed.  After several free consultations, Tim arrived at a solution that would allow us to rid ourselves of IRS and revolving debt.  We made the decision to go forward primarily because of Tim's professionalism and caring attitude.  No one wants to be faced with the decision on whether or not to file bankruptcy, but putting all of our cards on the table, as Tim did, made the decision easy and logical.


The process was lengthy, but Tim walked us through each step and we finally made it to "our day in court" where our bankruptcy was approved, allowing us to focus on our future and stop thinking about the present.  We feel Blessed that we are in this journey and we're extremely excited to complete our commitment.


D.E.L./L.L.L., La Quinta, California

* * *


When I sat down with Tim, I felt that my worries and troubles were immediately managed. I felt like I was at home and it was time to build a new house. Tim really took his time with us. Tim was warm …Tim was open. Tim listened. Tim was kind. Tim was always there when we had questions. Tim’s approach to our challenges made us both feel that there was a new “fresh start”- “a life anew”  Never once did Tim make us feel bad about the ABSOLUTE MESS that we were in – he shared stories of his challenges and merely indicated that there were many people in the same situation. We did not feel alone


To this day, I am back on my feet both financially and emotionally; I really want to thank Tim for all that he did for us!


If your personal or business affairs are leading you to financial and emotional pain – I highly recommend Tim and his Team.


J.E., La Quinta, California

* * *



After experiencing unexpected illness, I was out of work on disability (1 year). My insurance carrier had denied my claims 4 times and I found myself drowning in medical bills and debt. I felt it necessary to cash in my 401k in an honest attempt to resolve my debt, get my head above water, and stop the creditors from hounding me, but I was still unable to regain my financial footing. 


I only wish I had worked with Tim a few years earlier.  He would have guided me on the bankruptcy process, how to protect the $100k in my 401k, avoid the imposed tax penalties by cashing in my 401k and a host of other barriers I was encountering at the time.  I finally wound up declaring bankruptcy anyway, but I would have kept my 401k savings intact and I would have gained a few years of needless worry and anxiety over my situation and how to handle it.  The team at the Tim’s office is caring, calm, and reassuring.  The bankruptcy process was actually very simple and Tim and his staff handled everything professionally and successfully.


If you are contemplating bankruptcy or need answers regarding any financial situation or need informed answers about bankruptcy, I would highly recommend this group of professionals.  They never looked down on me, the team guided me, answered many questions during the process and Tim even spoke with my father to assure him everything would be ok and helped me find balance in a bad situation that I was financially unprepared to handle. 


D.Y.R., La Quinta, California


* * * 


Personal bankruptcy is a very tough issue. After experiencing an accident that made me pretty much physically dependent for two years I really felt lost as to a solution for past and mounting financial bills.  


At my initial consultation with attorney Tim Huyck he made me feel very comfortable with my situation and fully explained all options.  During the whole process Tim was there as my advocate.   No pressure, just help.  It is a very difficult personal process but was made as easy as it can be.


No one wants to go through something like this but if it is necessary I would recommend Tim Huyck to anyone. 


D.B., Palm Desert, California

* * *


Lost in a whirlpool of debt with no hope of getting out is the world I lived in. Some debt self-induced and other due to unforeseen circumstances. It looked as if my entire life would be spent juggling bills. A suggestion was made to consider bankruptcy, I had not given it a thought.


I Scheduled an appointment with Tim Huyck. My life changed that day. Tim told me that I was not alone in my struggles. Credit cards, payday loans, IRS, and even title loans were all a possibility. We continued on and the rest is history. My life has changed dramatically. So much so that I am retiring next year. Life is good again.


Yours truly,   

 J.Z., Rancho Mirage

* * *


Their help was so easy I would recommend my attorney Tim Huyck to any one with money problems. He made my bankruptcy so easy, it changed my life for the better. Great attorney. Everything he said was correct. Things went so easy. Life is much better now.


P.E.S., Cathedral City, California

* * *


I am a 73 year old disabled retiree living on a fixed income from Social Security and a pension. After approximately 12 years of retirement I found myself $60,000 in debt from the purchase of a trailer to live in and then the maintenance costs and improvements that it needed.


Also, I found myself using credit cards for car repairs, and unanticipated medical and especially dental bills. I had a perfect credit rating and no debts when I retired, but I was very naive and uninformed about the expenses that I would encounter and how my needs would change as I aged and finally found myself with no alternative but to file for bankruptcy.


I was very apprehensive and depressed and didn't know what to expect. But from my very first appointment with my lawyer Timothy Huyck, I felt listened to, understood and supported. Timothy was very clear and thorough in explaining the entire process to me from beginning to end and exactly what to expect and what would be expected of me. That was very comforting, because having information and knowing what steps to follow is always better than imagining things.


By not having crushing bills to pay, I had enough money freed up to pay the fees and live with a relief that I hadn't known for years. The two obligatory courses I took gave me insight into my habits and tendencies and some concrete information to work with so I don't get myself into debt again. All in all, I am very glad I filed and would like to extend my gratitude to Timothy Huyck for his kind, gentle and respectful guidance through what was at the start a very unsettling and stressful prospect. 



P. B., Desert Hot Springs, California

* * *


I was “beside myself.” I already had a consolidation debt group and I had more problems keeping up with the payments. I had approximately $70,000 of debt. Then, I consulted with a Financial Planner who suggested I do a reverse mortgage! I did not want a reverse mortgage. My spouse had passed away and I had no other help.


Tim Huyck and his staff came to my rescue. After meeting with them, I had assurance that they could help me through these dark days of debt. They suggested that I file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; and coached me on the steps required to do this. I felt so relieved and grateful for their help because I had previously thought that Bankruptcy was a permanent stigma to avoid. It gave me a new start and attitude. I would recommend this to anyone who would have similar problems with debt!

A.B., Palm Desert, California

* * *


My Lawyer was Tim.  Not only have I recommended him to others, he guided me with kind hands, gave me plenty of Kleenex, which I needed, answered every question stupid or smart, and took the time to calm me down, and make my life so much better. 


Of course, I had no idea about bankruptcy, nor ever thought in a million years I WOULD GO THRU IT, so it was GREAT to know somebody with such knowledge and he really guided me thru everything.  Even though I asked question after question with tears.  Not only was Tim WONDERFUL, but the front office, Jaclyn was just as fantastic and went beyond what a front office would do. 


Tim and his staff not only saved me, my business and my house, and did so kindly.  I honestly from the bottom of my heart would recommend them to anybody that found them self in a pickle.  Again, if anybody needs the help, is clueless about bankruptcy as I was, please go Tim and his staff.  Bankruptcy is scary. You think your life is over. I thought I would be homeless and lose my house.  Yet, it ended being the only choice I could do to save what I had, and only TIM could have done it.


C.C., Palm Desert, California 


* * * 


I am most happy to attest to what Tim Huyck and his staff have meant to me. I was facing filing bankruptcy to cover approximately $50,000 in federal income taxes and credit card debt of approximately $85,000.  My IRA had been depleted, and my alternatives few, if any.


I was extremely anxious, apprehensive, confused, unsure and generally desperate for help and advice. The various members of the staff whom I met in our first encounter put me in a much better frame of mind, allayed many of my fears, put a "face" on the unknown and were just generally reassuring.  All members of the group have been kind and very helpful.  In essence they have provided a calming effect which matched their obvious expertise in the field.  I just have never felt abandoned.


As we enter the final phase of the process I am more at ease.  I have a much greater sense of what I had to do and why, and am much less fearful of the whole process and course of action they have helped me choose. There can actually be a positive outcome with the aid of fine people such as these.


It has been with relief, gratitude, and pleasure that I have shared these thoughts in the hope someone else may benefit from this group's support and expertise.  It can be a truly frightening experience for the uninitiated and unsupported!


D.H., Palm Desert, California

* * *


I was referred to Tim Huyck and his staff to help me resolve my back taxes.  I owed well over $180,000 in taxes and didn’t know what to do or where to turn for help. The group was very prompt and professional . . . always greeted with a smile and handshake. The staff gave me options and explained everything extremely well. I’m very thankful to everyone there for helping me get back on my feet.  I am forever grateful. Again, thank you.

D.N., Thermal, California 

* * *


Before I retired we were able to afford the life style we were living. But then I had to retire because of medical reasons. We didn't know what to do with the debt we were able to afford before. We were referred to and met with Mr. Tim Huyck, and when we went to the creditor meeting and saw how the other lawyers were so ill prepared we were so happy to have Tim Huyck in our corner. He was so professional compared to the other lawyers. Now our worries are no longer there.

O.R. & M.R., Indio, California

* * *


We are eternally grateful to Tim Huyck and his staff for their expertise in helping us navigate through our bankruptcy.  


When we walked into their office, we were facing over $150,000 in debt obtained by our business, but taken out in our name.  We were afraid and didn't even know where to start.  Mr. Huyck and the staff were great.  They were on top of all communication with us and the court.  When we initially went to our creditor meeting, we were knocked off our feet by the Chapter 13 Trustee.  Mr. Huyck walked us through our options and later went back to court to take care of us.  We ended up dismissing our case, as it wasn't what we had expected and Mr. Huyck and the staff continued to guide us through the next process.  Our second round at bankruptcy was much more positive and we resolved our situation.


Since the creditor meeting, Mr. Huyck has continued to advise and help us, if something has come up from our case.  Although it will take some time to recover from our bankruptcy, we feel very taken care of by Mr. Huyck and the group and know that if we need further assistance, we can contact them as needed.

B.R.S., Palm Desert, California

* * *


Due to an unexpected family crisis I lost the ability to keep up with my obligations. For someone who had been self-reliant since my 20s this was very hard to deal with. I tried working with a debt resolution company but they were unsuccessful in helping me. I was very humiliated and upset and heard the radio ad for Tim Huyck’s office. I listened to the information and was emboldened to call. I was greeted very professionally and subsequently treated in a way that calmed me and let me hope for a successful resolution.​

The staff was able to take me from anxiety and humiliation by guiding through the process in a caring and non-judgmental way. I was made to feel that I could come through this situation whole and secure.

I am getting back on my feet and will be eternally grateful for the group. By the way, Mr. Huyck is an amazingly reassuring and professional man. I miss seeing him.​


C.B., Desert Hot Springs, California

* * *

After 2 job lay-offs and a cancer diagnosis, my financial situation became intolerable. I needed a fresh start. The staff at Tim Huyck’s office were so helpful. They filed my case and I met with the bankruptcy trustee to confirm the details. It was that simple. Today, my life is back on track and I'm moving forward with a positive outlook.


B.L., Indio, California

* * *


We were referred to Tim Huyck who helped assist us through this difficult time.


We met him and instantly were impressed with the ease in which he handled our plight. He made us feel so comfortable, and ease the embarrassment we felt.


We were in debt for $100,000+. He said he would help guide us through the bankruptcy and showed us ways which enabled us to make choices in order to hold on to our property. He was very honest and told us what could be at stake. We chose to go forward. Now almost three months later we feel so much more comfortable, relieved and grateful for the way Tim handled our bankruptcy and saved us ALL of our property. We will forever be grateful to Tim Huyck.

D & J, Palm Desert, California

* * *


After a thorough consultation, I decided that Chapter 13 was my best option.  Tim Huyck was an incredible help and he went through everything in great detail so I always knew what was happening. He is very responsive and his office staff is very good as well.


While this is not a pleasant thing to go through, Mr. Huyck made it as free of stress as possible for me. Very professional work, approachable, and informative.


J.B., San Diego, California

* * *


Tim and his staff never made me feel uncomfortable in the process. They explained the steps and walked me through each in order to handle the impossible debts I had incurred.


J.M., La Quinta, California

* * *


I wanted to explain a little regarding my Bankruptcy. I was much in debt all with credit cards. I was always stressing over making payments to all of my creditors and actually trying to still have some money left for living expenses. I was pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. It was a horrible living experience.


That is when I decided to find a bankruptcy attorney and get some help. I called many places in the Coachella Valley. Some were a bit cheaper and some more pricey but I decided to go with Tim Huyck’s office for the fact that they were very honest and helpful over the phone when I called to get my free estimate. I spoke with Tim Huyck and within the next week I went into their office in La Quinta and he was very helpful as well as the staff.


They submitted everything within a week. Now I can finally say I can breathe and be able not stress over so many payments. I can honestly say I am completely satisfied with the service that was given to me.


M.P., Coachella, California

* * *

Thank you so much for all of your help with my Chapter 7 filing. After getting a divorce in 2012 I had no other options than to file for bankruptcy protection to save my home. I worked directly with Jaclyn & Tim Huyck as my attorney. I wish I would have filed years ago. My debt climbed to almost $90,000 (after my divorce). I was almost debt free prior to my divorce. I have no regrets for going through this process as it allowed me a fresh start with my family. 


Thank you again for all your help with my filing.


B. M., Palm Desert, California

* * *

We are so grateful to Tim Huyck and his staff for helping us through this difficult situation.  We had over 100,000 dollars of debt, most of it owed to the IRS and we had many sleepless nights.  With the help of the very capable Tim and his staff we were able to get our lives back on track and get our sanity back.


R.G. & M.G., Coachella, California

* * *

I was drowning. Everyday that number, that was over my head, 25,000 dollars! That's how much I was in debt. 

Then I found the Tim Huyck and his team. Upon walking in I felt immediately comfortable and welcomed. I wasn't judged or looked down on for the financial mess I got myself into. 

With Tim's help, he laid out my options and together we chose the one that was best for me. Now with a clean slate, I can begin to rebuild my credit. And yes my bankruptcy will be there for some time, but in the long run it was the best thing I ever did.

F.G., Coachella, California

* * *

Due to a family tragedy, all bills were put on the back burner. When the collection calls started coming in, I felt like I had let down my family; drowning in over $100,000 of debt (2 vehicles, personal loans, credit cards) and not even knowing how to begin to deal with it. I heard about bankruptcy services on the radio and called and set an appointment for a consultation. All the staff was more than accommodating. No one made you feel uncomfortable or like a failure. During the consultation, a plan was laid out for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was a bit apprehensive, but was reassured a bankruptcy wasn't the end of the world. Tim Huyck and his staff walked me through all the steps and answered all my questions, and believe me there were a lot. After the meeting of creditors, I felt a gigantic weight lifted from my shoulders and felt like I could breathe again and be there for my family. All I can say is a big thank you.

A.E., Yucca Valley, California

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