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After experiencing several years of compounding IRS tax debt, combined with very high revolving credit card balances, we turned to Tim Huyck.  We found him to be a very patient, understanding and competent lawyer.  Tim didn't rush through issues and he slowly gathered all the data/information he needed to make an educated decision on which way would be best for us to proceed.  After several free consultations, Tim arrived at a solution that would allow us to rid ourselves of IRS and revolving debt.  We made the decision to go forward primarily because of Tim's professionalism and caring attitude.  No one wants to be faced with the decision on whether or not to file bankruptcy, but putting all of our cards on the table, as Tim did, made the decision easy and logical.


The process was lengthy, but Tim walked us through each step and we finally made it to "our day in court" where our bankruptcy was approved, allowing us to focus on our future and stop thinking about the present.  We feel Blessed that we are in this journey and we're extremely excited to complete our commitment.


D.E.L./L.L.L., La Quinta, California

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