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After experiencing unexpected illness, I was out of work on disability (1 year). My insurance carrier had denied my claims 4 times and I found myself drowning in medical bills and debt. I felt it necessary to cash in my 401k in an honest attempt to resolve my debt, get my head above water, and stop the creditors from hounding me, but I was still unable to regain my financial footing. 


I only wish I had worked with Tim a few years earlier.  He would have guided me on the bankruptcy process, how to protect the $100k in my 401k, avoid the imposed tax penalties by cashing in my 401k and a host of other barriers I was encountering at the time.  I finally wound up declaring bankruptcy anyway, but I would have kept my 401k savings intact and I would have gained a few years of needless worry and anxiety over my situation and how to handle it.  The team at the Tim’s office is caring, calm, and reassuring.  The bankruptcy process was actually very simple and Tim and his staff handled everything professionally and successfully.


If you are contemplating bankruptcy or need answers regarding any financial situation or need informed answers about bankruptcy, I would highly recommend this group of professionals.  They never looked down on me, the team guided me, answered many questions during the process and Tim even spoke with my father to assure him everything would be ok and helped me find balance in a bad situation that I was financially unprepared to handle. 


D.Y.R., La Quinta, California

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