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After your bankruptcy case is closed, you need to start rebuilding your credit so that you can later qualify for a car loan a mortgage, or a credit card. With other law firms, you are on your own when it comes to re-establishing your credit but we don't think that's right. We provide two very important services to help you become credit-worthy again.


First, at our expense, we'll enroll you in an online credit rebuilding course, named 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score. This course retails for $1,000 but we buy subscriptions in bulk and can offer it to you at no charge.


Second, about 30 to 60 days after your bankruptcy case is closed, you will need to provide us with a copy of your credit report so that we can review it for post-bankruptcy errors. If your creditors are reporting incorrect information, we will demand that they correct the report. If they don't, we will sue them on your behalf. There is no cost to you. The Fair Credit Reporting Act will require the creditor to pay our legal fees. There's also a good chance that you will be entitled to damages, depending upon the seriousness of the creditor's violation of the law.

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