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I am a 73 year old disabled retiree living on a fixed income from Social Security and a pension. After approximately 12 years of retirement I found myself $60,000 in debt from the purchase of a trailer to live in and then the maintenance costs and improvements that it needed.


Also, I found myself using credit cards for car repairs, and unanticipated medical and especially dental bills. I had a perfect credit rating and no debts when I retired, but I was very naive and uninformed about the expenses that I would encounter and how my needs would change as I aged and finally found myself with no alternative but to file for bankruptcy.


I was very apprehensive and depressed and didn't know what to expect. But from my very first appointment with my lawyer Timothy Huyck, I felt listened to, understood and supported. Timothy was very clear and thorough in explaining the entire process to me from beginning to end and exactly what to expect and what would be expected of me. That was very comforting, because having information and knowing what steps to follow is always better than imagining things.


By not having crushing bills to pay, I had enough money freed up to pay the fees and live with a relief that I hadn't known for years. The two obligatory courses I took gave me insight into my habits and tendencies and some concrete information to work with so I don't get myself into debt again. All in all, I am very glad I filed and would like to extend my gratitude to Timothy Huyck for his kind, gentle and respectful guidance through what was at the start a very unsettling and stressful prospect. 


P. B., Desert Hot Springs, California

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