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I am most happy to attest to what Tim Huyck and his staff have meant to me. I was facing filing bankruptcy to cover approximately $50,000 in federal income taxes and credit card debt of approximately $85,000. My IRA had been depleted, and my alternatives few, if any.


I was extremely anxious, apprehensive, confused, unsure and generally desperate for help and advice. The various members of the staff whom I met in our first encounter put me in a much better frame of mind, allayed many of my fears, put a "face" on the unknown and were just generally reassuring. All members of the group have been kind and very helpful. In essence they have provided a calming effect which matched their obvious expertise in the field. I just have never felt abandoned.


As we enter the final phase of the process I am more at ease. I have a much greater sense of what I had to do and why, and am much less fearful of the whole process and course of action they have helped me choose. There can actually be a positive outcome with the aid of fine people such as these.


It has been with relief, gratitude, and pleasure that I have shared these thoughts in the hope someone else may benefit from this group's support and expertise. It can be a truly frightening experience for the uninitiated and unsupported!


D.H., Palm Desert, California


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